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WaterGear is am import, distribution and retail company specialising in watersports products. They had a basic e-commerce website that wasn’t satisfying the core business requirements and produced very few sales. The main requirements of this project were to deliver more sales, increase promotional space, decrease the site maintenance time as well as providing a fresh a modern look for the site.

We chose an open-source e-commerce platform called OSCommerce. We then cusomtised this free platform to allow all product listings and stock levels to be controlled via spreadsheet upload. This simple tool saved a huge amount of time previously spent manually controlling the stock levels and listings. It also allowed WaterGear to use this spreadsheet as their central stock control point.

Using blues as the accent colours was an abvious choice given the watersports theme but we chose a design that minimised space taken up by the non-product menus and the site header in favour of promotional banner space and the product menu. The ease of access to the product hierarchy and ability to rotate a set of promotional banners greatly improved traffic to the WaterGear promotions and the number of promotion sales on the site grew by over 60%.

Behind the attractive website OSCommerce provided a very powerful solution to the core business requirements. With Paypal integration WaterGear could process secure payments, accepting all major credit and debit cards. Full order process tracking was also available allowing each customer to be notimew products, promotions and sale items.

One of the many challenges faced by e-commerce sites is ensuring the shipping costs accurately reflect the actual cost of shipping. We integrated a Royal Mail module that set the postage and packaging price using a matrix of shipping destination and product weight. Through this system WaterGear could sell and ship products worldwide ensuring that the postage cost charged to the customer were automated accurately.

This project also included the design of all promotional graphics and product images. E-commerce sites are often let down by the quality of product images so defining a consistent style, size and quality for all images allowed a very consistent and trustworthy user experience.

We also spent a great deal of time on seaarch engine optimisation. From keywording on products and images through to making sure all URLs are readable and descriptive for humans and search engines we increased organic traffic by 35%.

    Features included in the WaterGear website:

    • Stock control and product listing via spreadsheet upload
    • Automated worldwide shipping cost calculation
    • Secure payment gateway
    • Order control with automated customer notification
    • Banner management
    • Non-technical administration interface for all aspects of maintenance
    • Google Analytics implementation to track visitors, popular products and conversion rates
    • Multiple product browsing views
    • Site / product search
    • Customer mailing list management
    • Multi-lingual and Multiple currencies
    • Product reviews

" This website helped us move from a bedroom operation to a professional enterprise. We knew what we wanted but we didn't know how to get it without spending a huge amount of money and Will was the answer. "

Anthony Smith

WaterGear Ltd

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